Upcoming hot investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi realty sector

While Dubai has always been sparky developments and high-end residential options, Abu Dhabi has been carefully instilling stability in its realty sector while simultaneously integrating a rich cultural environment and offering affordable residential options to its residents. Today, lets unveil some of the projects of Abu Dhabi that have been given a “go ahead” by the governing authorities and will add further charm to the emirate once completed.

Al Gharbia

While developing new projects, Abu Dhabi has also been careful of improving its existing residential communities. Several developments in Al Gharbia municipal district that were aimed at improving the lifestyle of the communities located within the region were given a green signal to initiate the development process.  The said developments included Phase 1 of Al Wajeha Al Bahria Project Plan which is a mix-use development located in Mirfa City consisting four buildings and featuring 126 apartments and 10 villas.

Another mixed-use development project located on the main road connecting prominent localities of Al Gharbia was also approved by the governing bodies. The project is known as Al Hai Al Tejari project and is being developed at the centre of Ghayathi City. Upon completion it will feature a town centre, retail and office space, quality residential apartments and a cinema.

The Bida Al Mutawa development in Al Gharbia is also aiming to develop 60 villas, a lush green park, a community centre and a mosque, but these developments will be reserved for UAE nationals only.

Al Reem Island

Moving on to more popular locations of Abu Dhabi, it was reported that the Al Qurm View residential project on Al Reem Island was approved to initiate the development process. Al Qurm View is a low-rise building project overlooking the Mangroves in Shams Abu Dhabi region. Featuring 36 quality apartments, the building is planned to be built utilising natural materials.

Another attractive development project located within the Shams district of Al Reem Island is the Mangrove Residence, an eight-storey residential tower offering apartments with wide shaded balconies, an open sea lounge facing the mangroves and direct access to the beach. Along with that, the M tower, a 29-storey residential tower featuring residential and commercial offerings on Al Reem Island was also given a go ahead recently.

Saadiyat Island

Abu Dhabi is also adding value to its Saadiyat Island. Phase 1 of the Mamsha Al Saadiyat development that is planned to be developed on the northern part of Saadiyat Cultural District was also approved by the governing bodies. Once completed the development will provide attractive residences along with waterfront retail and entertainment offerings.

Yas Island

Attractive development projects on Yas Island were also approved recently. Concerning the recreational sector specifically, the Urban Planning Council (UPC) approved further development of the Yas Beach Club. According to the plans, the new club, located between Yas South and Yas Hotels, will be split into two and its left side will feature a luxurious beach club offering a lap pool, infinity pool, restaurants and VIP cabanas.

Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council is of the view that these approved projects will bring them closer to achieving the goals of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. While such developments are going to boost the realty sector of the emirate, it will also provide excellent investment opportunities to people. So the question we need to ask here is where we are going to place our future investments, in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?