Potential investment boosters of Abu Dhabi


Being the richest amongst the seven emirates and securing 10% of the total oil reserves in the world, much has been expected from Abu Dhabi and each time the emirate has successfully delivered. At first, the capitol of the UAE was solely concentrating on its oil reserves and improving its efficiency in extracting oil, but knowing that the reserves will not last forever, Abu Dhabi has carefully instilled growth in its real estate sector which is currently growing under stable conditions.

Real estate developers of Abu Dhabi, with Aldar Properties gaining the most prominence, have invested huge sums in the commercial and residential sectors of the emirate. Although Dubai, with all its sparky attractions, has managed to capture the attention of the people, prudent investors know the true worth of investing the capital emirate. The developers of the emirate are working actively to establish a unique structural framework for the city that could easily embed contemporary lifestyle without affecting the heritage, culture and natural environment of the emirate. So far, people who like enjoying luxurious lifestyle without missing the Arabian ambience and environment find Abu Dhabi more fulfilling than Dubai.

If you are thinking of investing in the profitable yet stable realty sector of Abu Dhabi, here are a few development projects you really need to consider.


Capital Centre

This development project is located near Aloft Abu Dhabi Hotel and Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and that signifies its importance as residential and retail apartments of the project will be attracting many people in future. Once completed, the development project will feature 5 mix-use developments, 4 commercial buildings, 8 residential and serviced complexes and 6 branded hotels. Capital Centre also has a marina Zone that adds further value to it.

Mohammad Bin Zayed City

Bringing you 349 residential towers with commendable commercial, public, retail and recreational facilities, Mohammad Bin Zayed city offers you profitable investment options in Abu Dhabi. Located just 10 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport and 20 minutes away from Central Business District, the project is a fast progressing master planned community that has a gigantic budget of AED 25.71 billion. According to reports, Mohammed Bin Zayed City will have the capacity to accommodate 85,000 people, so just think of the rental revenue that you can reap if you own a couple of apartments there.

Saraya Project

Located on Corniche and adjacent to Sheraton Hotel, Saraya is a residential and commercial development featuring modern offices, serviced apartments, a hotel as well as gardens, parks and leisure facilities. The project specialises in high class accommodation and is being developed over an area of 136,000 square metres. The project is expected to be completed this year.

Many people are investing in the profitable options of Abu Dhabi’s realty and while Dubai’s futuristic plans mainly converge on the year 2020, Abu Dhabi is planning for 2030. If you are a long term investor then the property options of Abu Dhabi are just for you! You can find a list of attractive properties here.